Projects for advanced art courses

The projects on this page were designed for the advanced art student and give students more freedom and responsibility for following their own interests. Like the projects for grades 9 and 10, these projects are based on problems from contemporary art. The More Than Meets the Eye projects cover a wide range of media, while the New Foundations projects focus on issues from Post-Modern art.

While these projects were created specifically for the International Baccalaureate visual arts program, the can be adapted to any advanced art course that requires the exploration of contemporary art concepts.

New Foundations projects

New Foundations projects are based on Olivia Gude’s Post-Modern Principles. Students should watch, I’m OK, You’re OK – a brief look at the development of postmodern art before starting the NF projects to get some background on post-modernism. Either the teacher or students will make choices concerning media. Usually my students have a free choice of media based on their interests.

More Than Meets the Eye projects

These projects are designed to give advanced students exposure to important ideas and artists in contemporary art and experience with a range of media, some of which hopefully will be new to them. The projects are adaptable to whatever curriculum you run. I have used them with my Year 1 IB students, usually in the first semester to help them meet the required breadth of media the program requires.

Analyzing Art

It is also highly recommended that students are familiar with the strategies for analyzing and writing about art that are put forth in the mini-lesson Discovering More About Art which can be downloaded  from the Art-o-matic page.


Project previews below

Background Check

context is everything

Expanded Vision

New tools, new ideas, new media

Pile It On

mining for meaning in layers

Stop Copying Me

appropriation in art

Whata U Lookin' At?

the Gaze

What's Your Story?

finding your voice

Zero and Not

text and image


context is everything

Funk It Up

humor in art

More Than Movies

video as art

Mundane 2 Marvelous

using common materials

The Power of Numbers

using multiples

The Wild Beasts

setting color free

This Project Will Be A Bust

projecting personality

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