Graphic organizers for analyzing art and building artistic language

The Art-o-matic 3.0 and Art-o-matic Mini are graphic organizers for teaching critical thinking about art. Based on the FTC Palette by Dr. Renee Sandell, it helps organize a student’s thinking about art, provides tools to build artistic language, and creates a visual image of the student’s annotations and analysis that can then be imported into reports, essays or presentations. It uses a free online diagram maker called so it will work on any device that has access to the web. First, you’ll need to download the html templates for each Art-o-matic version below to your device. Then visit the website to begin making your diagrams. These instructional videos will guide you through the very intuitive and user-friendly process.

Instructional Videos

for advanced students
for beginning students
for writing artist statements

Supporting Materials and Templates

Art-o-matic 3.0 html template
Art-o-matic MINI html template
Art-o-matic PS artist statement html template
Introduction mini-lesson for analyzing art
Advanced lesson for analyzing art

supporting videos to teach about Form, Theme, and Context™

for advanced high school students

for beginning high school students

for middle school students

Student work using the Art-o-matic

For sixteen of his over thirty years in education, Brian Reverman taught high school and middle school art at the International School of Beijing, The American School of Bombay, and the Casablanca American School. He is currently the Artist-in-Residence at HKUGA College in Hong Kong.

I'm now a visiting artist for middle and high school art programs

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