Projects for introductory and intermediate courses

These thematic-based projects are the ones I use in my grades 9-10 courses. They are based on problems from contemporary art and cover a wide range of media. Each project is designed for maximum flexibility and to provide opportunity for students to pursue their own interests within a given theme. In fact, the themes and supporting materials provide for the opportunity to change the media used if it fits your program more efficiently.

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I’ve recently published two books that explain the principles behind these projects with tips on integrating them into an art curriculum. They are available on Amazon.

These projects are based on the principles outlined on the Street Cred page. All the projects below include the following:

  • Front-loading hook to create interest and background context
  • Media support via videos and slideshows
  • Art history and analysis assignment
  • Studio preparation and application instructions
  • Sample assessments

Most projects give students the choice of media but are flexible for you to employ your media of choice. 


previews below

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