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These thematic-based projects are the ones I use in my grades 9-10 courses. They are based on problems from contemporary art and cover a wide range of media. Each project is designed for maximum flexibility and to provide opportunity for students to pursue their own interests within a given theme. In fact, the themes and supporting materials provide for the opportunity to change the media used if it fits your program more efficiently.

These projects are based on the principles outlined on the Street Cred page. The previews below are meant to give you ideas, enrich your toolbox, and inspire you. You’re welcome to borrow anything that you find useful. The ready-to-present full projects are available on TPT and  include the following:

  • AI generated formative feedback option included
  • Ready-to-show PowerPoint lessons
  • Instructional videos from the ISB Art History Channel and other YouTube instructors
  • Ready-to-play Kahoots!
  • Sample and editable rubrics based on NAEA anchor standards
  • Editable PowerPoints and Word documents in student pack
  • Flexibility for differentiation across grades 6 – 8
  • Online delivery options

Death of Art

what good is art?

3D / media options

The Subjective self

the human condition

2D / media options

Off the grid

outsider art

2D / media options

Picasso's Guitar

the cubist revolution

3D / media options


gender, herstory, heritage

2D / media options

Mundane 2 marvelous

art from ordinary stuff

3D / media options

Beyond the Selfie

portraits & culture

2D / media options

Exploding the Canvas

beyond the rectangle

3D / media options

Off the wall

installation & performance art

3D / media options

Who's Lying?

art & propaganda

2D / media options

Anybody Could do that

non-objective art

2D / media options

Living in the modern world

mixed media & the Zeitgeist

2D / media options

Building Analysis and Writing Skills

Formative Feedback Using AI

Providing timely feedback on a student’s written assignment, and the opportunity to revise their responses on that feedback is an essential component of developing critical and analytic thinking about art. Despite best efforts, by the time students receive that feedback from a teacher, the student’s thinking process about that question has been disrupted. Enter AI. Now each project above provides an optional assignment that uses AI to provide immediate feedback on a student’s written responses.

Analytic Writing Lessons

These two lessons are designed to help students learn about analyzing art and writing about it critically. Discovering Art helps students annotate artworks according to form, theme, and context to discover the meaning in artworks. Discovering More About Art helps students to synthesize their annotations about art into a true analysis. Both lessons have videos embedded which help explain the concepts. These resources are free to download. Click the images below to download these lessons.

Videos specifically for High School Art Students

Instructional videos on art history, techniques, sketchbooks and more. These videos are made by art teachers who understand what high school students need to know about art.

For Subs, Early Finishers and Other Awkward Moments

Often art teachers want to fit more art history into their curriculum, but finding the time can sometimes be difficult. Art Movement Morsels are quick snippets about different aspects of art history designed to be delivered in one or two periods. They are perfect for those times between projects, for early finishers, or even for a sub. Eighteen titles available on TPT.

Ready-to-play Kahoots based on themes appropriate to high school art courses. These Kahoots are embedded in the projects below but can also be played as stand alone games.

For sixteen of his over thirty years in education, Brian Reverman taught high school and middle school art at the International School of Beijing, The American School of Bombay, and the Casablanca American School. He is currently the Artist-in-Residence at HKUGA College in Hong Kong.

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