Teaching art in the 21st century – what could be cooler? more relevant? and more important? This site explores some ideas and offers some suggestions about how art might be the most important subject students can take for developing skills that will truly be transferrable and integral to their life experience. Below you will find resources and examples developed for the Visual Arts program at the International School of Beijing.

all artwork courtesy of ISB students

Smack Dab

Resources for Middle School art teachers

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Projects for introductory and intermediate courses

New Foundations

Theme based projects for advanced art classes

ISB Art History Channel

Videos on art - by art teachers


Free online digital annotation tool to build analysis and language


Where the rubber meets the road

For sixteen of his over thirty years in education, Brian Reverman taught high school and middle school art at the International School of Beijing, The American School of Bombay, and the Casablanca American School. He is currently the Artist-in-Residence at HKUGA College in Hong Kong.

I'm now a visiting artist for middle and high school art programs

I'm based in Hong Kong but have passport in hand.

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