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    Theme based IB projects inspired by Olivia Gude's Post-Modern Principles

    New Foundations - New Projects

    In the second semester our first year IB Art students choose two themes to investigate each quarter. These themes include appropriation, text and image, the gaze, new forms, changing context, layering, and exploring your voice. These projects are supported by videos on the ISB Art History Channel so that each student may follow their interests at their own pace.

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    Discovering More About Art

    The video, Discovering More about Art extends the ideas about using Form, Theme and Context to analyze artworks that were introduced in a project, "Understanding FTC," that the students do in the pre-IB courses. The Art-o-matic 2.0 is a graphical analysis tool that allows students to implement the concepts in this video.

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    Stop Copying Me - Appropriation in Art

    Stop Copying Me explores the question "is originality in art possible?". The hook is a TedX talk given by poet Austin Kleon titled Steal Like An Artist. The line is a video that looks at a brief history of appropriation in art. In the sinker students create a project where they appropriate something from another source.

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    Zero and Not - Text and Image

    Artists who combine text and image are the subject of this project. Barbara Kruger's exhibition at the Hirschorn Museum is the subject of a short video for the hook. The line is a video that categorizes artists who use text and image into four groups: the theorists, the satirists, witnesses and the storytellers. As you might expect students are asked to do work that includes text and image.

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    Pile It On - mining for meaning in layers

    In Pile it ON students explore the hidden treasures in the layers of form, theme and/or context in art. Mark Bradford discusses his painting Bad Ass in the hook. The line video traces the use of photomontage in DADA through the various types of layering other artists use. For their project, students must make multi-layered work (sinker).

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    Expanded Vision - new tools, new media, new ideas

    Students are challenged with using new tools and new media in this project. The hook is a short video on artist Tim Hawkinson. The line gives a short explanation of the ideas behind post-modernism and then looks at artists who use bodies, stuff and place to make art.

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    Background Check - context is Everything

    This project explores what happens to meaning when artists recontextualize materials, symbols or events. The hook is a short video on Cindy Sherman. The line presents artists who manipulate context in their work. The sinker asks students to produce artwork that manipulates context somehow.

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    What's Your Story - finding your vision

    This project asks students to search for their own voice. The hook is a interview with Kerry James Marshall where he discusses the lack of African figures in art history. The line looks at artists who reveal their personal stories in their work. Students are then asked to create artwork using their personal history (see sinker).

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    Whata U Lookin At? The Gaze

    This project introduces the concept of the Gaze and how it affects the way meaning is percieved in art. The hook is an Art21 video on Kara Walker. The line explores the Male, Imperial, Conventional and Oppositional gazes. The sinker asks students to make artwork that opposes a stereotype.