Videos on many aspects of art history and theory designed for high school students

ISB Art History Channel

The ISB Art Hstory Channel has become a repository for videos that address many different aspects of art history and theory and designed to provide support for the projects in ISB's Visual Arts program. Visit the ISB Art History Channel on YouTube to watch and download individual videos that you may find useful. Below are the playlists from the three categories currently in development.

Discovering Art titles New Foundations titles A NOT PRESENTation series titles
  • Discovering Art
  • So you want to study art?
  • Art-o-matic Annotation and Analysis Tool
  • Whata U Lookin At?
  • What's Your Story? - finding your voice
  • Background Check
  • Expanded Vision
  • Zero and Not - Text and Image
  • Stop Copying Me - Appropriation in Art
  • Pile it On - mining for meaning in layers
  • Formalism - What is it? Why does it matter?
  • Well, how did we get here?
  • Identity - Gender, Herstory, Heritage
  • Whose truth? The Narrative in Art
  • Art Movements - What they "ism", What they ain't.