Graphical annotation and analysis tool for art

Instructional video


The Art-o-matic 2.0 is a graphical annotation and analysis tool for teaching critical thinking about art. Based on the FTC Palette by Dr. Renee Sandell, it helps orgainize a student's thiking about art and creates a visual image of the student's annotations and analysis that can then be imported into reports, essays or presentations. It uses a free online diagram maker called so it will work on any device that has access to the web. You'll need to download the Art-o-matic 2.0 template to your device and then visit the website to begin making your diagrams. The instructional video will guide you through the very intuitive and user-friendly process.

draw to website


ART-O-MATIC html template

DA cover for mountaains

Introduction mini-lesson for analyzing art

DMAA cover for mounatinas

Advanced lesson for analyzing art



Student work using the Art-o-matic